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No Starving Artists Workshop: Artist Talk with Maggie Evans

“No Starving Artists” are a series of workshops that are designed to bring working artists to talk with students at SCAD and help them to think about what it means to be a dedicated artist. During the workshop, the artist Maggie Evans presented her work.

Maggie Evans graduated from SCAD with her masters in painting in 2007 and also received her BFA in illustration. She is currently a foundations professor at SCAD. In her current work, Maggie “addresses human collective behavior and how it inevitably leads to hierarchical systems, social divisions and manipulative power.” Her work is derived from her playing blues concerts in bars with her band. Maggie draws the interiors of bars from memory. Her compositions are dark, and glowing from the various source of light from doorways. Her idea’s seem vague but she stated that she wants to see “how much she can say with as little as possible”.

Maggie suggested that artists should not have to choose between passions; she is able to pursue music and painting. She urged students to not be afraid to take risks, and to never get stagnant in your work.