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"YOU ARE HERE | EXIT UNLIKELY |,” an M.F.A. thesis exhibition by Patricia K. Hecht.

'YOU ARE HERE | EXIT UNLIKELY' on view at Alexander Hall from October 5-21 . Reception October 19, 6-8pm ..

SCAD presents "YOU ARE HERE | EXIT UNLIKELY |,” an M.F.A. thesis exhibition by Patricia K. Hecht. The artist’s thesis work considers architecture and mapping as modes to explore the intersections of political, social or historical structures that are intrinsically tied to identities of persons inhabiting various spaces. Hecht creates two-dimensional works through carefully drawn, straight black line, playing with the tension between an overall abstract image, and a sense of movement, through the variation of line weight.

“The initial interest was mostly monochromes of floor plans of insane asylums and prisons in this country. This panel is based on the Kirkbride model, which is what you think of when you think of an insane asylum. Then I moved from there in my research, and it became very evident that after the deinstitutionalization, prisons became asylums. There are more mentally ill people in prisons, but there are no technical asylums under the privatized system.

Then with the whole privatization of prisons, they medicate some of the prisoners, but they’re not told how to maintain this medication when they get out of prison, so they end up going back to street drugs getting busted for that, and in turn going back into the prison system. Once you’re in these systems, you’re not out of them.”