I am currently taking a Digital Tools class as part of my last quarter at SCAD. As an assignment, we had to make videos using “After Effects.”We were then put into groups to make an entire installation of the project in the critique space offered in the painting building, Alexander Hall. The basis behind my group presentation was using the idea of time and a safe space. My video, “Moving On,” is a compilation of “gifs”I found on the internet (mostly from Tumblr) which I placed in a way that told a story. The beginning of my movie starts with a heart disappearing, and leads into people kissing and pulling away. A girl then sits in the bathtub, shaving her legs, which then pans to her standing in the ocean (implying a stinging pain). The next scene is a gif of someone wearing a shirt that says “I’m having a shit day, thanks” and transitions into the girl exposing herself to the world. The use of the spiral hypnotizing gif is to make the viewer feel dizzy, which transitions the video to a split screen of the boy and the girl, where the boy’s expression is uncaring and unsympathetic. The switch to the colored gif pouring honey is to indicate the slow healing of moving on from losing a loved one, followed by a girl flicking off the camera and a gun goes off. 

This video is an interpretation of the feelings of moving on, or experiencing pain.

In our installation, my group members included videos of their past home videos, voice overs of a meaningful poem, a candle flickering, and words going across the screen stating that this area is or is not a safe place (home, the world, the space.) We complied these videos in a domestic home setting and all videos projected on separate white items. 


My video was projected onto the picture frame.

My video was projected onto the picture frame.

Emily Tillman